It all started when a group of foresters got together in the 1980’s and decided that they needed each other’s help when fighting forest fires, and so the Forest Fire Association was formed. The boundaries were set from the Inqwempisi River in the North to the Pongola River in the South.

The present Association, (MFPA), was officially formulated and registered in 2004 with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and has gone from strength to strength thanks to the support of local corporates and its private members.

The MFPA has always had firefighting aircraft in the form of spotters, bombers and helicopters but has since moved away from the helicopters. We have a state of the art resource dispatch center with dispatchers which have a combined 35 years’ experience at the base.

Since 2015 the MFPA has had electronic fire detection system and has moved away from the old “lookout” towers. Our current service provider, Fire Hawk, has taken the detection system to the highest level of service and reliability.

The MFPA has a Working on Fire team at its disposal so as to assist its members in fire break preparation as well as fire suppression. The team also conduct fire awareness programs at local schools and have worked in conjunction with the Mkhondo Fire Brigade Service in providing this community service.